Animal Camp

By Jeff Lorenz

At a Summer Camp with Animals Kids find out about animals at summer camp, if you choose a camp that includes animals in the programs they offer. Science camps offer sophisticated learning programs, but there are summer camps that include animals as a part of more playful programs.

Getting to know animals through firsthand interaction reawakens a childs sense of connection with nature. Experience with animals as a camper can begin a growing and lifelong respect for nature.

Swift Nature Camp, is often seen as a Science Camp that offers a variety of ways for campers to meet and enjoy daily contact with animals. Natures Neighbors is a live animal collection, campers are encouraged to bring their own small animals to live in the camps Nature Center, and a unique pond aquarium shows life as a frog sees it.

Working in conjunction with the Wisconsin DNR and the U.S. Park Service, Swift Nature Camp has also developed a hands-on environmental learning program which includes field trips, such as visits to a fish hatchery and state parks; hands-on field projects, like goose banding and butterfly counts; and exciting camp presentations, including visits with live owls.

Animals are a part of Swift Nature Camps voluntary merit program, in which campers can earn special patches by learning skills in categories such as insects, bird watching, pet care, and horseback riding. Acquiring skills is never separate from the fun and play that is a part of being a camper.

The summer camp you choose should facilitate a blend of play and challenge that is free of the stress of the school environment. The presence of animals in a natural environment can open the door to discovery, adding depth to the fun of going to a traditional summer camp.

To accommodate that range with a voluntary merit program that includes experience with animals. A camper's interaction with animals can be refined into skills involving horseback riding, insects, pet care and bird watching. These opportunities never come at the expense of fun!

The joy of discovering nature is the joy of discovering the world we live in. Living in a natural environment with access to animals is a perfect invitation for expansive play. Camp is a place where children can learn about animals as a participant rather than just receiving information. Camp is more fun and less stressful than school, and the world becomes the classroom.

You can learn more about selecting a wonderful summer camp by visiting Summer Camp Advice Find a Summer Camp - 30786

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Overnight Summer Camps Benefits

By Lonnie Lorenz

This question wouldn't even occur to most people who went toOvernight Summer Camp as a child ~ most of them can tell you long cherished stories they still remember in detail. The memories of summer camp are reminders of experiences with a lifetime's worth of value.

Children's camp can provide a child with opportunities for never ending daily fun the way few other places can. Pure, nonstop fun would be reason enough for anyone to want to be at a sleep away camp, but resident camp offers even more to a child's unfolding life, and the best camps offer a wealth of benefits..

Summer camps are healthy! Exercise is a part of any child's life of play, and camp is a natural provider of constant, safe, imaginative physical play. This brings opportunities for every camper's intellect and imagination to get plenty of exercise at the same time.

Summer camp offers a wonderful template for kids to learn the skills of social interaction in a more creative and independent way than school settings allow. Still gently guided by capable adult friends and role models called counselors, campers get an independent chance to apply what they have been taught at home in a larger world.

Campers grow into themselves, setting newer and higher standards for their own behavior. The kids camp daily context is activities that encourage perseverance, listening skills, teamwork, and the ability to recognize similarities and appreciate differences in each individual. Self discovery becomes a lifelong habit.

Summer camp is a new chance to rediscover a growing life. Sleep-away camp is an opportunity for each child to come to a new place and try new things and make new friends. Everyone starts as an equal with a chance to just be oneself around others. Summer camp is so much more than the most affordable childcare choice parents can make. hildren that are Homeschooled really benefit from the experiences of a Home school Summer Camp - 30786

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Reasons To Visit Tempe Arizona

By Sean Elstins

f you're wondering where to take your next vacation, you may want to consider Tempe Arizona. There are lots of things to do in terms of outdoor sights and sports. There are also plenty of choices for arts, nightlife and public parks. Plus, the larger city of Phoenix is less than 30 minutes away.

If golf is your thing, Tempe has 2 public courses that offer lessons and practice facilities. Or you simply can just play a few rounds with friends or by yourself. Kids and adults alike may enjoy any of the various public pools including the full water park with slides. Other outdoor activities include tennis, batting cages, fishing and boating to name a few.

The town lake offer boating and fishing classes or you can just rent a boat. If you have your own boat, a permit is easy to get so you can ride along carefree. In addition to the lake, there are many public parks that are nice for picnics, playing with your dogs or letting the kids have a ball on the playgrounds.

If you're into shopping, check out the 2 huge malls as well as the many smaller shops scattered throughout the city. The Mill Avenue district is a famous section of town with all the shops and stores you could want. The district also features several nightclubs and bars for nighttime entertainment. A sports arena is also there where you can watch a college game.

Speaking of sports, Tempe is home to the Los Angeles Angels' spring training. They practice there from February through March. It is an inexpensive way to watch the pros get ready for the season. You will find the springtime weather to be quite pleasant.

The weather is not bad year round, although it does get pretty hot over the summer. From May to September it is not uncommon to experience temperatures over 100. But the old clich that it is a 'dry heat' is true. This means less sweating while you're outside and easier air to breathe. If you still think that's too hot, consider coming in the fall or winter when temps will be 40-50 at night and 70-80 in the daytime.

Tempe's arts center is a great place to soak in some culture. The center runs shows all year and there is usually something for everybody. Concert, plays and musicals and ballet performances are a few of their offerings. And of course there is a plethora of places to dine. From fancy restaurants to a casual diner, there is bound to be something to keep your stomach full. - 30786

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It Is Already Time To Think About Your Summer Patio

By Garry Oldam

Before you know it summer will be here, bringing with it long days of fun and food out on the patio. Throughout the country, Americans enjoy gathering on their spacious patios, eating tasty barbecue treats and basking in the warmth of summer. For many people, the nicer the patio the more enjoyable the outdoor experience.

You need to start thinking about how you want to design your patio now so you will have time to make it perfect. In order to create the best experience you can plant trees, bushes, and flowers all around the are that your patio is or will be. Since most patios are in the back of a house a beautiful back yard garden will make a great look.

The addition of a wood awning over your patio will make it stand out from the ordinary. You can spend a lot on wood awnings if you choose to and get something truly artistic or you can spend much less for a more basic look. Wood awnings can be used to block out the sun and the rain and they can add a unique design element to any patio.

You can even decorate your awning with plants or vines, or just use your imagination and add a more personal touch will have a special meaning for you and your family. Most home improvement stores have brochures and other types of information on wood awnings, and if they don't, the clerks can help you locate the material that you need to help you select the best awning for your needs.

Making your patio look great is a constant search for many people. You could stamp your patio if you have just a plain concrete patio. This will add to the design of your patio by making it look much more stylish.

Before you have it stamped though, you should see whether you have enough room to expand your patio. The bigger your patio the more you can do with it to make it look better and the more fancy furniture and plants you can add. There are many great ideas out there and you might find more at the library where they will have lots of home improvement and gardening magazines. . - 30786

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The Shedd Aquarium: Just One Of The Great Chicago Attractions

By Andy Seitz

Looking for the best place for you and your family to enjoy your weekends, most especially the kids? Then you should visit the popular and famous Chicago attractions that you can never find elsewhere. This place will certainly make your kids enjoy the weekends this coming holiday.

There are attractions carefully selected as some of the most popular and the most famous places in the world. Chicago is not just known for its sky scrapers, but also for its museums and aquariums.

Here are five Chicago attractions that you can visit: the Shedd aquarium, Field Museum & Underground River, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science & OMNIMAX and John Hancock Observatory. These are all world-famous and must-see attractions.

These places are some of the best tourist spots you can visit with your family this coming year, most especially the Shedd aquarium. The aquarium is one of the windy city's prides. The aquarium boasts its wide collection of animals that are rarely seen in the environment today. The aquarium is one of the hottest destination in the cool town of Chicago.

The aquarium holds an astounding 32,500 different animal species that are a rarity nowadays. The animals in the aquarium also exhibit a variety in their way of movement which will definitely amaze little kids and adults alike. Some of the collections of the aquarium include lizards, octopus, whales, otters, and even dolphins! Needless to say the Shedd aquarium contains a vast number of fishes that will never cease to drop jaws of wide-eyed kids that have never imagined they could be so near to gigantic sea creatures.

The aquarium also has additional facilities like stores, the Soundings Restaurant and BubbleNet Food Court. This gives the aquarium's guests a place to relax and dine as they marvel at the amazing views of the aquarium. The aquarium is also home to the Oceanarium and the Wild Reef.

In addition, this must see attraction plays a vital role in teaching people the importance of wild life conservation and acts as a great global collaborator and learning resource. For this, visiting the Shedd aquarium will also be a great learning and educational experience for the whole family especially the kids.

Visiting these Chicago attractions will be an amazing gift that you can give to your kids that they will sure love. So make it a point to make Shedd aquarium the first place that you visit while you are in the windy city of Chicago this year. - 30786

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Teenagers Are Just Not Finding Available Jobs

By Alan Yessler

When it comes to earning cash online, it can be very difficult for teenagers since most online jobs require that you be at least 18 years of age. You don't have a lot of options when looking for work on the Internet if you're 16 or 17. If a teenager wants to join up with any of the online survey websites or any other online money making method, they need to get their parents to sign them up - which most parents refuse to do.

Parents are wary of allowing their children to get involved in internet opportunities, for fear of them being taken in by some scam or other fraudulent activity. It is difficult for someone who has no experience with making money online, to know where to begin, and how to locate someone who can help them with this. This is the position that most teens find themselves in if they are searching for opportunities to make money online, and this will prompt them to begin researching the subject. With the vast amount of credible and sometimes less then credible information available, teens can find themselves getting confused and overwhelmed.

What teens can do, however, is using their own imagination to create innovative methods of earning cash on the Internet. Many individuals earn cash by copy writing, writing articles, or other types of contracted work. If it weren't for the Internet, it wouldn't be so easy to match willing employees with the people who needed specific services performed for them. The internet is responsible for generating this new type of employment, and has made many different methods to earn money available to almost everyone.

Teens can also use the Internet to find real jobs through job search sites. Many employers now exclusively find new workers through online job sites and this is clearly the way it will be done in the future. Gone are the days where you need to drop your resume off at every place you might like to work. Now you need to be online with your resume posted so that employers can contact you. Teens can find companies that are hiring online and then pursue the jobs they are interested in.

Jobs for older teens have been hard to find for quite some time now and it is not likely going to change for quite some time. The economy is going to take many months and even possibly years to get back on track. This means teenagers must explore all their options from trying to find extra ways to make money online and offline, to finding real jobs that are hiring workers from their age group. - 30786

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Summer Camp For Your Daughter - Finding The Right One

By Stephen Daniels

There are many benefits to sending your daughter to a summer camp. What really adds to her experience is choosing the perfect summer camp for her - one where her developmental needs are met and her interests are matched. You will want a camp that has the experience to handle everything from homesickness to medical emergencies. Here is what to consider when choosing the right camp for your daughter.

Start by asking your daughter what she would like to do this summer, and talk about her life goals, interests and dreams. You might want to do research together and see which camps spark her interest. There are specialty camps for computer lovers as well as music camps for the musically talented. There are also traditional camps that help your daughter learn about the great outdoors. Looking at the types of programs and activities the children will be participating in is also a good idea. If you do not like some of a given camp's activities, pass on that camp and find another one. There are over 8,000 camps in the United States today, so you can be sure that the best camp is out there and waiting.

Depending on the type of experience you would like your daughter to have and the things that are important to you, looking at the size of the camp and the staff-to-camper ratio might be wise. If you would like your daughter to get one-on-one attention, then send her to a smaller camp. However, if you are primarily wanting her to meet new people and make new friends, a larger or co-ed camp might be a better option.

As a parent, you have clear guidelines on your daughter's educational process, morals, ethics, and ideologies. Be sure the camp's philosophy and mission is aligned with your family's belief system. Talk to the staff and ask a lot of questions. Go to their website and see what activities they offer and more importantly, why they offer them. Do they offer outdoor activities mainly to teach girls confidence? Or are outdoor activities offered as a means of teaching religious devotion?

Considering the location of the camp is a good idea as well. For a young child, you may consider a day camp in your city or a nearby overnight camp. An older, more adventurous girl might find that a camp that is out of state, or even in another region, quite exciting! Sending her to experience a whole new area can help prepare her for more important life events away from home, such as going off to college, the military or the Peace Corps.

No matter how you and your daughter choose the perfect camp, it can be a difficult and sometimes lengthy process. Still, when you choose a great camp, it is always extremely worth it in the end! - 30786

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